Interns are Employees - That's What the Employment Relations Authority said

On 6 April 2023 the ERA issued a determination in the case of Associations of Professional and Executive Employees Inc and Anor v The Secretary. 

Change Management

Take a look at this quirky video on change management. It’s only three minutes long and provides some useful tips if you’re about to embark on a change process in your organisation.

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Restraint Trade Update

There has been a long-standing presumption that restraints of trade (RoT) are often unlawful and unenforceable. It is no longer safe to assume they are “not worth the paper they are written on”.

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Resignation Formal Process

If an employee tenders his/her resignation during a formal process (disciplinary/investigation etc) it is important that the employer follows the correct procedure to ensure that the Company is not exposed to the risk of a personal grievance for constructive dismissal.

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Personal Grievance Pg

Under the Employment Relations Act 2000, a “personal grievance” is an action taken against an employer or former employer by an employee who claims to have been: • unjustifiably dismissed • disadvantaged in employment by an unjustifiable action of the employer • discriminated against • sexually harassed • racially harassed • subject to duress in relation to union membership, or • disadvantaged by the employer’s failure to comply with the Act’s requirements in relation to restructuring    situations

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Pitfalls 90 Day Trial Period Employers Beware

The 90-day trial period has been extended to all employers regardless of the number of employees.  All employers can now hire new employees on a trial period of 90 days or less without the risk of the employee taking a personal grievance for unjustified dismissal (they may still take a personal grievance on other grounds) in the event that the employee is dismissed during the trial period.  This all sounds wonderful in theory, but what is being discovered through the Courts is that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

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