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Three60 Consult is a flexible and dedicated group of employment relations and conflict resolution experts. Our team produces well-rounded, quality results over a diverse range of services. Essentially, we are Three60.

As our tagline New Zealand’s most effective workplace relations experts suggests, we are focused on building high-performing employment relationships through pragmatic wisdom.  Our business model is founded on building trusting relationships and partnering with our clients to create complete solutions. It means collaboration, connectivity, and sustainable results.  We don’t believe there’s room for anything else.

Our organisation’s journey started in 1991, when Paul Diver founded Paul Diver Associates after reflecting on the future of employment relations in New Zealand and what the space was missing. Having just completed a tenure at Lion New Zealand, Paul observed that the previous industrial relations system in New Zealand was focused on centrally controlled processes rather than relationships between employers and employees.

Guided by Dr Margaret Wheatley’s words, “relationships are all that there is”, Paul Diver Associates sought to promote the direct nature of the relationship between employers and employees, whilst acknowledging the role that unions had to play in many workplaces. Utilising his experience in employment relations and relationships with key players, Paul Diver successfully guided Paul Diver Associates into a reputable and experienced boutique employment relations consultancy that serviced a range of clients across the country.

In 2017 the organisation rebranded and became Three60 Consult. Whilst our foundations remain unchanged, our services have expanded and our mission has advanced. We are committed to partnering with businesses to revolutionise their employment relationships by utilising the products and services developed by our associates, each of whom are specialists in their own chosen fields. You can learn more about our associates and their backgrounds here.

Following the brand change, Anna Jones was appointed as CEO in April 2019 to continue to grow the organisation.  Paul Diver remains as a Director and continues to provide day-to-day assistance to his clients.

After spending 30 years in the game, our products and services have been proven to be unique, polished, and entirely customisable to fit our clients’ needs. Our areas of expertise range from Cultural Revolution and ER/HR Strategy to Investigations and Workplace Conflict to Audit and Compliance and to Collective Bargaining. We have experience addressing all employment relations issues, whether small, large, or in-between, with our organisation taking pride in being a leader in the employment relations space and dealing with the “hard stuff”.

We also recognise that advice comes in many shapes and sizes, which is why we developed Three60 Learn with the intent to share our knowledge and develop programmes and workshops to facilitate growth and improvement in organisations.

Currently we hold a diverse portfolio of clients, in various industries, throughout New Zealand and in Australia. We welcome all clients, big or small, from large, listed companies to the individual employee.

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"Three60's innovative approach to problem-solving allows us to adjust each of our processes to fit your business' unique needs."

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New Zealand’s most effective workplace relations experts