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Raymond Wheeler

Senior Associate

Senior Associate

Raymond joins Three60 Consult with 22 years’ of experience as an Employment Advocate, working with unions and employers in all matters associated with the employment relationship.

He has worked with employees and management teams across a diverse and wide-ranging group of industries/sectors including Aged Care, District Health Boards, Engineering, Manufacturing and more. Over this period, Raymond has worked with many business leaders and employees within a wide range of organisations and sectors, including multinational corporations, to resolve employment issues. He has provided professional and technical advocacy for renewal of Employment Agreements, both Collective or Individual, and creating policies for organisations. 

He has experience in contract interpretation, and has good understanding of the Employment Relations Act 2000 and its Amendments, especially Part 6A Vulnerable Employees, Availability Provisions, Holidays Act 2003 and its Amendments, Equal Pay Act and its Amendments. Raymond has managed multiple restructures, management of change, and has experience with remuneration systems including Skills Based Pay Systems and incentive schemes. 

Raymond has worked on numerous disciplinary matters, preparing for and advocating in investigations so that compliance is achieved throughout the process, including WorkSafe Inspectorate Investigations. Raymond uses his technical experience to achieve outcomes for the client to meet the organisation’s goals and aspirations with a proven record of results orientated, interest-based solutions.

Raymond has managed staff for over 5 years with a proven record of leading outcomes through advice and mentoring that enables organisation’s objectives to be achieved. He is a proven problem solver when complex matters arise in the employment relationship.